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The Ski Strap

Ski Strap

Ski Strap

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Durable enough to carry through back-country, slim enough to forget about in your pocket. 

Leading the family through a busy parking lot while dodging car mirrors & fellow skiers is a thing of the past.

Ergonomically designed to be lightweight and comfortable, The Ski Strap is the best way to carry skis. The Ski Strap is adjustable, durable, easy to use, lightweight (63 grams) and fits in any pocket when you don't need it.

Get your Ski Strap today and save your shoulder, a fellow skier, and your skis.

- Adjustable
- Easy to use
- Works with Kids Skis
- Slim design
- One size fits all
- Does not work with snowboards

Color: Black
Material: EVA + Nylon
Weight: 2.2oz

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